Have a challenging container decorating project just begging for a shrink sleeve application? Technigraph has you covered! It’s all about your brand and creating a memorable image. Honey bear containers are just one example of our new specialty shrink sleeve capabilities. We now offer PET plastic honey bears from 8 ounces (net weight) to 24 ounces, plus a variety of other honey packages suited for our full 360 Shrink Sleeve labeling.


It’s simple. Technigraph can now shrink sleeve products of virtually any shape and size! Our EZ130 and EX200 application heads allow us to create a label lay flat dimensional range between 18mm and 200mm at application speeds up to 120 containers per minute. As our lines are designed to employ an array of heat technologies via convective radiant and steam heat tunnels, we are able to manage very difficult applications and achieve the perfect Shrink Sleeve on containers of various types, shape and sizes. Have multiple brands that each require custom labels? Never fear. We have you covered.

For more details, download our Specialty Shrink Sleeve Promotional Flyer and Contact Us!

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