Spray Frost Decoration

Our proprietary Eco-Frost® Spray Frost is not just beautiful – it’s also friendly to the environment. The high-end look of our proprietary Spray Frost provides customers with an additional “green” packaging option, because unlike conventional spray frosts, it contains no VOCs or solvents.

Eco-Frost Spray Frost offers many options to differentiate your brand with a premium look. Choose from clear or colored frosts, and translucent or opaque tinted coatings. Eco-Frost can be used as a single color, or in multiple colors with fades. The Spray Frost and Coating processes can easily be combined with our environmentally friendly UV screen printing of up to six colors. They can be used on bottles, jars, closures and custom parts made from plastic or glass.

Other proprietary, environmentally friendly processes can also be combined with Eco-Frost, such as super silver, textures, water droplets, iridescent colors, glitter, thermochromatics, glow-in-the-dark and black light enhancements. Technigraph can also wrap each individual container in a protective shrink sleeve to ensure your product makes the journey from our decoration line to point-of-sale with minimal scuffing.

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