Technigraph is dedicated to keeping pace with our customers’ needs while offering complete solutions in container decoration and packaging. We’re excited to announce we are entering the shrink sleeving space by end of second quarter 2017. We’ve invested in new Axon shrink sleeve lines that will allow customers to shrink sleeve products of virtually any shape and size through the use of the new equipment. Shrink sleeving is an exceptional solution as it optimizes space and allows for full body / bottle graphics, while providing for a unique branding appeal. This new technology can be integrated into existing brand lines or we can aide in the design and development of new brand solutions in an turn- key environment.

It’s worth noting we will be able to offer a label layflat of 50 mm to 200 mm for contract decorating purposes. In addition, this new piece of equipment has two different sleeving heads (Easy 130 to Easy 200), and includes convective (hot-air), radiant (infrared), and steam heat shrink tunnels allowing us to work with the widest arrange of bottle styles and label types on the market today.

Contact Us to learn more about this latest offering and how it can fit into your container decoration and packaging program.

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