Shrink Sleeve

Consider the vast possibilities to further showcase your product through Shrink Sleeve labeling. Not only will your new look have an eye-catching shelf presence, but you’ll have much more valuable space for branding – which isn’t feasible with other labeling or decorating options.

Technigraph’s new Axon production systems offer you the opportunity to Shrink Sleeve various shapes and sizes of containers from 10mm to 124mm in diameter, whether plastic, glass or aluminum. Using our EZ 130 and EZ 200 application heads, we are able to offer a lay flat dimensional range of 18mm and 200mm at application speeds up to 120 containers per minute. As our lines are designed to employ an array of heat technologies via convective radiant and steam heat tunnels, we are able to manage very difficult applications and achieve the perfect Shrink Sleeve application on a wide variety of container types, shapes and sizes.

Consider how this new technology can be integrated into existing brand lines. Or we can aide in the design and development of new brand solutions in a turn-key environment. To learn more, check out our Shrink Sleeve Case Study and download both our General Shrink Sleeve and Specialty Shrink Sleeve Promotional Flyers.

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