Technigraph’s new Shrink Sleeve production lines from Axon provide the opportunity to label a wide variety of plastic, glass or aluminum containers in various shapes and sizes. Sizes range from 10mm to 124mm in diameter. Our turn-key services enable us to design and develop new full-body Shrink Sleeves to enhance your branding. Not only will you have the advantage of full-color, photographic-quality designs to catch the eyes of consumers, but the Shrink Sleeve format also provides 360-degree coverage to convey your brand message across the entire container.

With our new shrink sleeving lines just installed, we’re actively seeking customers interested in seeing how shrink sleeving can make the most of new branding concepts, or revitalize your existing container decorating program. Technigraph is proud of our ability to work with existing applications and teams to coordinate the various players integral to bringing a product to market. We also offer a turn-key environment to assist those in taking something literally from the drawing board to the consumer market.

Download our Shrink Sleeve Promotional Flyer and then Contact Us to explore the possibilities!

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