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Established companies and entrepreneurs come to Technigraph because we’re known for our broad range of services including decoration on jars, closures, tubes, and bottles of all shapes and sizes. Customers especially appreciate our ability to choose between or combine processes including screen printing, pressure sensitive labels, roll stamping, spray frosts and decorative coatings, textures, thermochromatics and others. Technigraph knows how to help you create a product that will both stand out on the shelf and resonate with your target customer…and we do all this without breaking the bank.


Technigraph is well known for our ability to direct screen print on packaging, closures and other components. When you choose screen printing, you do not have to be limited in your creative approach – we can use multiple passes to screen print up to seven colors in-line on our high-speed automated presses. Whether your container is large or small, our tight registration means your screen printed text and bar codes will be readable.

Other advantages of screen printing include its environmental edge. Our process uses only UV cured inks which are safe for the environment, and direct printing uses a fraction of the raw materials compared to pressure-sensitive labels. There’s no limit to the creativity, and with Technigraph’s wide array of specialty inks, you never have to worry about looking like your competition.


Whether you are looking for a stand-alone application, in-line application or combined with screen printing, we can accommodate your labeling needs. With Technigraph’s attention to detail, your labels will be expertly applied with minimal waste in the labeling process.

Our rotary labeling system with auto-feed and vision inspection is capable of decorating a wide range of bottle and jar sizes (from 1 ounce to 32 ounces) in a variety of shapes, including ovals and squares. We can apply labels to the front and back of non-round bottles, and labels registered between the seams on the front and back on round bottles and jars. Full wrap labels with registration to the threads (should that be required) on round glass, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and PVC containers are also in our wheel house. The “sweet spot” for our highest-speed labeler is projects for bottles or jars in the 4-ounce to 16-ounce size range, and with 3 million to 5 million applications per year.


Consider the vast possibilities to further showcase your product through Shrink Sleeve labeling. Not only will your new look have an eye-catching shelf presence, but you’ll have much more valuable space for branding – which isn’t feasible with other labeling or decorating options.

Technigraph’s new Axon production systems offer you the opportunity to Shrink Sleeve various shapes and sizes of containers from 10mm to 124mm in diameter, whether plastic, glass or aluminum. Using our EZ 130 and EZ 200 application heads, we are able to offer a lay flat dimensional range of 18mm and 200mm at application speeds up to 120 containers per minute. As our lines are designed to employ an array of heat technologies via convective radiant and steam heat tunnels, we are able to manage very difficult applications and achieve the perfect Shrink Sleeve application on a wide variety of container types, shapes and sizes.

Consider how this new technology can be integrated into existing brand lines. Or we can aide in the design and development of new brand solutions in a turn-key environment. To learn more, check out our Shrink Sleeve Case Study and download both our General Shrink Sleeve and Specialty Shrink Sleeve Promotional Flyers.


Our proprietary Eco-Frost® Spray Frost is not just beautiful – it’s also friendly to the environment. The high-end look of our proprietary Spray Frost provides customers with an additional “green” packaging option, because unlike conventional spray frosts, it contains no VOCs or solvents.

Eco-Frost Spray Frost offers many options to differentiate your brand with a premium look. Choose from clear or colored frosts, and translucent or opaque tinted coatings. Eco-Frost can be used as a single color, or in multiple colors with fades. The Spray Frost and Coating processes can easily be combined with our environmentally friendly UV screen printing of up to six colors. They can be used on bottles, jars, closures and custom parts made from plastic or glass.

Other proprietary, environmentally friendly processes can also be combined with Eco-Frost, such as super silver, textures, water droplets, iridescent colors, glitter, thermochromatics, glow-in-the-dark and black light enhancements. Technigraph can also wrap each individual container in a protective shrink sleeve to ensure your product makes the journey from our decoration line to point-of-sale with minimal scuffing.


In an environment where products are carefully scrutinized by consumers, it’s imperative thoughtful consideration is given on how to stand out on what can be quite crowded shelf space. Caps and closures can no longer be an after-thought, but should be considered an integral piece of any container decoration design. Our belief is that closures can highlight or even serve as a memorable icon for your product.

Technigraph is known for its creative and innovative approach to caps and closures. Our team is on-point with current technology as well as having a keen sense of how closures impact overall branding. Our customized approach and willingness to not just let current designs stand as “good enough” are why Technigraph is continually sourced as the closure decoration solution for the largest brands in the market today.


Companies large and small as well as entrepreneurs just starting out rely on Technigraph because we can be the ideal turnkey supply solution. Our expertise in sourcing containers, creating artwork, container decoration and delivery means we can truly be a one-stop-shop. This ability means an efficient, streamlines process so our customers can focus on the other details of bringing their product to market.

We’re truly a collaborative partner. The first step in our process is to listen to the story, ideas, ultimate end goal for the opportunities that walk through our door. Then it’s on us to provide creative solutions to match the objectives defined without breaking the bank. Do we have your attention? Check out our Wendell Honey Case Study and download our Turnkey Services Flyer. Then call us to find out how we can be of service.


There are times when what is thought of as a traditional solution doesn’t quite get the job done. This is where Technigraph excels – helping you find the best options for your preferred outcome.

Whether starting from an idea or perhaps having been told what you envision just can’t be done…Technigraph will help you find the container decoration solution that meets your creative mindset. And we can do it quickly. Our alliance with Alpha Packaging means we can take your idea, create a design, source the container and decorate it in record time. No long waits. No sourcing from the outside. Everything can be done through Technigraph. And you can be involved every step of the way.


Always wanting to give our customers a competitive edge, Technigraph has developed a series of proprietary inks that can jazz up stock packaging without a huge investment. These screen printing techniques are ideal for highlighting unique features of your product.

Not sure what’s right for your product? Not a problem. Think about how Super Silver Ink, Spot Frost, Textures, Thermochromatics, Glow in the Dark, Glitters, Antique Silver, Black Light, or Water Droplets might attract consumers to your product. Mouse over the images below for greater detail and a little creative inspiration.










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